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Wearables News Clips for Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Webelow Wear News ClipsIn today’s news clips we learn about a wearables project that knits your brainwaves, a wearables inspired product for your car, and that wearables retailers, SparkFun and Adafruit plan to discuss initiatives that help kids to learn electronics at an early age.

This Is Your Brain On Bach: Knitic’s Brainwaves Wearables

Knitting machine records brain states via an EEG headset to be converted into a knitting pattern for a scarf.

Knitting machine records brain states via an EEG headset to be converted into a knitting pattern for a scarf.

…Knitic is the collaborative project of artistic duo Varvara Guljajeva and Mar Canet, a pair who have existed in the fine line between art and tech since 2009. Their Arduino-hacked knitting machine records brain states via an EEG headset to be converted into a knitting pattern for a scarf. The wearer’s activity measurements of level of relaxation, excitement and cognitive load while listening to Bach’s “Goldberg Variations.” The resulting data yields a stiching pattern, which—in addition to being a great garment for chillier climates—also captures visually the unique act of listening. The team chose to bypass the electronic control of the Brother brand 930 knitting machine models opting for real-time control and modification of patterns by putting in their own arduino control system.

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Dash Is Like A “Fitbit” For Your Car

Dash like a "Fitbit for cars and aims to  help people drive more safely through real-time feedback.

Dash Labs …  is developing an on-board diagnostic reader that plugs into a car’s port (usually under the steering wheel); it can then track the car’s performance in real-time. The device, which connects to a smartphone app, can detect how many times you are too hard on the brakes, and when you’re speeding. It can even tell if the airbag has been deployed, after which it automatically notifies a pre-programmed emergency contact…Dash is still in beta, and has been tested on 300 different car models in the U.S., Canada, France and elsewhere, collecting some 15 million data points from drivers… The product showed its potential by already detecting problems with some drivers’ engines before the engine light went on.

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The Engadget Show 44: Education with Google, OPLC, Code.org, LeapFrong, SparkFun, Adafruit And More

Speakers at The Engadget Show to include wearable retailers SparkFun and Adafruit. Both will discuss initiatives they have implemented to help kids learn electronics at an early age.

Speakers at The Engadget Show to include wearable retailers SparkFun and Adafruit. Both will discuss initiatives they have implemented to help kids learn electronics at an early age.

It’s time to rethink the way our children learn. It’s all a bit overwhelming, attempting to restructure the age-old classroom model, particularly in a system as bogged down in bureaucratic red tape as education. This month, however, we packed up our things and toured the country to find out how educational institutions are adopting new models to help reinvent the learning process — rather than sitting idly by, waiting for the system to change around them. Naturally, technology is playing a huge role in that shift, moving from models of teaching to models of learning, where students can explore, express themselves and learn at their own speed.

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MACHINA Co-founder, Linda Franco Talks Wearables

by on Jun.14, 2013, under Wearables, Wearables Celebrities, Wearables News

Linda Franco, Co-founder of MACHINA

Linda Franco, Co-founder of MACHINA Interviews with The Next Women

Linda Franco, co-founder of MACHINA sat down with The Next Women business magazine for an interview where she revealed her wearable technology story. We learn how she and her boyfriend/business partner/role model, Angelo,  built MACHINA using the momentum of two prior successful start ups and their passion for fashion and technology. Franco also gives insight to the business model of MACHINA, their target market, and building the team that continues to help their brand.  As for what’s next, Franco tells us MACHINA will launch in Japan at the end of the year.  Webelow Wear will be sure to keep an eye out for this move and how it affects their growth.

Read the interview transcript.

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Light Up Skate Boards

by on Aug.03, 2010, under DIY Wearables, Wearables, WW Wish List

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While out at the infamous Duke Street skate park watching eight year olds kick and tres flip all over your faces, a light emerged and stole the attention.

Skatepark Kid A was rocking one of these boards and we had to take a closer look.  Purchased for only $60 bucks from Photon Light Boards, it’s not exactly wearable or a means to improve your skating abilities, but it looks pretty damn cool. Even cooler, Skatepark Kid A explained, are the moving images you can get of the board in action.

light up skate board in motion

Above spending $60 for a light up board? Check out this Instructables and make them yourself!

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Life Microscope to Monitor All Your Movements

by on Jul.29, 2010, under Functional Wearables, Wearables

life microscope

Hitachi celebrated its 100th birthday this week and held a mini exhibition in Tokyo to demonstrate a few of their up-and-coming accomplishments. Most notably is the next generation of pedometers: The Life Microscope.  Yes! Another wearable tool to demonstrate how incredibly lazy you are.

This is not your office-mom’s pedometer; using accelerometers, this watch-like wearable monitors a myriad of activities and can distinguish amongst them. From sitting at a desk, to playing video games, the data collected through the Life Microscope is easily sent to a software system that can be used to analyze daily actions. Sounds like a cut-and-dry success, but because the device is worn around one’s wrist, one could trick the device into thinking the whole body is moving. This is not for tricky lazy people, but can help health nuts and doctor’s maintain accurate records on daily activities.

While there are a few working prototypes, there is no info on when it will be available for purchase and how big the price tag may be. Competing with Phillips’ DirectLife and Fitbit, The Life Microscope will probably run you about $100.

Via [AkihabaraNews]

user infterface for life band

More pictures after the jump.

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Ipad Shirt is Wackable-ish

by on Jul.23, 2010, under WTF-ables

Syte shirt



Even the model looks like he’s thinking “Wow, this is ridiculously lame”.

Ok. A shirt that can carry your I-Pad is just wack man. I guess its cool that the screen is transparent so you can show off images, easily connect your headphones all the while being hands free, buuuuuut it reminds us of this wackable innovation and we’re just getting over the lameness.

Granted, Stye Shirt did propose some venues where one could sport this douche-attire and not look so…douchey. FYI if your activity is not on this list and you’re wearing this shirt shame on you.  SHAME!

• Play movies or interactive games to entertain your kids while keeping your hands free
• Show off your photos with a group of friends
• Broadcast a football game while enjoying a tailgate party
• Promote your artwork, music, and other multimedia anywhere
• Advertise your business by playing promotional content while speaking to customers
• Tech-savvy educators can grab students’ attention by creating interactive lessons
• Trade show vendors can run product demos while working in the booth
• Businesses can hire people to be mobile info booths to display interactive info and maps

Via [Tuvi]

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Square Band

by on Jul.23, 2010, under DIY Wearables, Functional Wearables, Wearables, WW Wish List

Take your studio with you.

Take your studio with you.

This is pretty cool.

The Square Band is a portable square wave synthesizer and is worn like a watch. The band includes eight tone buttons of varying octaves and a light sensor to change the pitch. Using a flexible solar panel, the band is recharged while worn and is powered for that a-ha moment of creativity.  It costs $35 with battery ($30 without) and there are only 4 in stock! But don’t fret – for you DIY’ers out there the creators are taking names for a potential DIY Kit.

music watch

Click here to hear a sample of the sounds. The first sample is a run through of each button and its corresponding tone in a controlled environment. The second sample is the tone of each button being pitch shifted via the on-board light sensor.

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BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt

by on Jul.16, 2010, under Functional Wearables, Wearables

beerbot shirt

ThinkGeek has done it again. Another wearable revolution – sort of.  The BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt is exactly what it sounds like: a screen printed shirt with a bottle cap opener and it can be yours for $20.

Useful, creative and Bender-influenced. Our vote: great gift for the newly 21.

Via [Geekologie]

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Drum Gloves: Bringing Teens Together

by on Jul.12, 2010, under Functional Wearables, Wearables

beat on the block drum gloves

Beat On the Block Drum Gloves Complete Set

drum glove internet interface

Website Interface

Arnoud den Besten, Kristo De Pooter, Sam Vesters and Thomas Leterme are students of the Artesis University College of Antwerp who have recently added to the long line of wearable gloves with their latest concept, the The Beat on the Block Drum Gloves. The prototype, made of micro-switches connected to a computer, a backpack with speakers and controls to change the instruments, was created with the intent of bringing together the immigrants and native teens of Belgium. The Gloves, according to Besten the gloves make it possible “…for the youth worker to make contact with immigrant youth who are on the street”.

That is, it is a way for two circles of life – which may normally never cross – to meet, share and grow together by creating music, uploading to the Drum Glove website and building on what others have contributed.  A sort of social networking music making site. While it is still under development the goal of the designers is get people creating and working together.

Check out the designers video of real drummers trying out the Drum Gloves.

Drum gloves from Arnoud on Vimeo.

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Light Up Sneakers

by on Jul.09, 2010, under Fashionable Wearables, Wearables, WW Wish List


Add the Arduino powered laces and Kayne, Weezy and Ricseasons  come to mind as  a few people we can see sporting these.

Check out these creative creations by Creative Recreation.

Via [Fashioning Technology]

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MJ Tribute Feat. Wearables

by on Jun.29, 2010, under Functional Wearables, Wearables

MJ wearable tribute

Yeah – it’s a little hard to see, but trust us wearables are so in!

Check out the video for the MJ Tribute at the 2010 BET Music Awards.  It was pretty awesome but got AWESOMER when the MJ dancers came out  in what looks  like either LED Lights or EL Rope accented outfits.  Their moves were punctuated by coordinated moving lights jumping from pant leg, to hat to tie.

It was – you guessed it-awesome.

WW’s vote: AWESOME!

Yeah, it’s gone. Sorry guys.

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