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Apple Goes Wearable

by on Mar.18, 2010, under Wearables

That Guy

That Guy.

Yes, Apple has crossed over and is looking far into the future with new Senior Prototype Engineer, Richard DeVaul on the payroll. After an angry fist shaking session, we took a step back and examined the situation. While DeVaul has taken our dream path straight to Jobs (ha…a job with Jobs), us Mom-and-Pop wearable shops needn’t fear the Walmart-ing of our companies and brands. This, ladies and gentlemen, could mean an industry boom for wearables.

Wearables, like every other industry, has it’s layers. There are the couture designers trying to make you Gaga-ed out, the  Ipod wearable helping people-on-the-go move to a beat, the rave-scene wearable, the kitschy wearables products for all wearbles geeks,  the DIY wearable upgrade to entertain the wearbles tinkerers, the biometrics wearables used in military and medicine,  practical wearables for mass use and the home based wearables.  Apple’s position in the industry?  Considering the I-everything (Ipod, Iphone etc.) craze and DeVaul’s background, we’re in for a long ride of very cool, user friendly wearables.  But remember, this is one section of a growing industry!

Our advice: stay positive, stay informed, keep innovating because the industry was just put on the map in big way.

Via [ComputerWorld]

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WiFi Dectecting Bumper Sticker

by on Feb.04, 2010, under DIY Wearables, Wearables

wifi bumper sticker

We all know and love ThinkGeek’s Wifi Detecting Shirt, but modifying it to add to a your car is dork-tastic! Instructables has a relatively easy project to upgrade your car from chic to geek. Not sure how useful it is, but we imagine it can make any traffic bound geek pretty happy.

Via [Instructables]

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ThinkGeek’s Locked ON – Proximity Sensing Shirts

by on Feb.02, 2010, under Wearables

Think Geek - Proximity Sensing Shirt

Well well well…this is very interesting. ThinkGeek has come out with yet another cool concept: The Proximity Sensing Shirts. These shirts work in pairs to scan one’s immediate area and within a few meters of the other user, will lock on and detect each other. While we don’t have all the spec’s we do know a proximity based radio frequency transmission/detection is being used. Very Bond.

We certainly appreciate the technology and application and will take notes for a similar project in progress over WW Labs: The Mona Lisa Art Installation.

Check out the ThinkGeek Locked ON -Proximity Sensing Shirts after the jump!

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ThinkGeek Personal Soundtrack Shirt

by on Sep.24, 2009, under Fashionable Wearables, Wearables, Wearables News

The innovators over at Thinkgeek.com have created a very neat Personal Soundtrack Shirt with real speakers and a personal sondtrack player.

One very cool part of the shirt is the screen printed design. This is actually an innovation in itself because most wearables on the market right now didn’t start as cool designs. Most people put a lackluster design behind a cool tech idea and expect it to work. Webelow Wear prefers to start projects with a solid design and then make the cool technology blend with the aesthetic.

If you follow their site, you know that this shirt started as a April Fool’s joke product that they posted on their site about a year or so ago. At the time, it seemed ridiculous and impossible but everyone thought it was cool so they actually made it real.

ThinkGeek  Personal Soundtrack Shirt

ThinkGeek Personal Soundtrack Shirt

Video and more after the break…

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