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Android/Arduino Synergy…Finally.

by on Apr.13, 2010, under Wearables, Wearables News


For over a year now we have been lucky owners of Android OS enabled phones.  Recently, Google has released the Android Scripting Environment, which allows users to write simple code (even on the phone) that uses many of the powerful Andorid API classes.

This new application brings Android features to the masses and also allows for rapid prototyping and on-the-fly development.  As an added bonus, the phones has it’s own sensors (compass, accelerometer, etc.)  and screen output, as well as an all-important connection to the internet, which can be used to push or pull data or even advanced features like text-to-speech.

We first learned of the Android Scripting Environment through CellBots, a project that uses ASE and Arduino to make robots that use the phone’s sensors along with the sensors connected to the Arduino for navigation and  remote control.

This is an interesting area for wearable technology because 3g phones are gaining market share.  Scripting languages for phones that interact with electronics essentially give us ultra cheap computers – more powerful than a cheap microprocessor alone.  We can and should use the phone to cut back on the power and size costs of features like GPS location, internet connectivity and heavy duty processing.

We found the Email Counting T-shirt by Chris and Madeliene Ball through Talk2myShirt and this is a perfect example of using ASE and Arduino.  The shirt uses a ridiculously simple python script to access the Gmail RSS feed and transmit the count data through serial to the Lilypad.  Additionally, this is also a good use of screenprinting and wearables. 


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Apple Goes Wearable

by on Mar.18, 2010, under Wearables

That Guy

That Guy.

Yes, Apple has crossed over and is looking far into the future with new Senior Prototype Engineer, Richard DeVaul on the payroll. After an angry fist shaking session, we took a step back and examined the situation. While DeVaul has taken our dream path straight to Jobs (ha…a job with Jobs), us Mom-and-Pop wearable shops needn’t fear the Walmart-ing of our companies and brands. This, ladies and gentlemen, could mean an industry boom for wearables.

Wearables, like every other industry, has it’s layers. There are the couture designers trying to make you Gaga-ed out, the  Ipod wearable helping people-on-the-go move to a beat, the rave-scene wearable, the kitschy wearables products for all wearbles geeks,  the DIY wearable upgrade to entertain the wearbles tinkerers, the biometrics wearables used in military and medicine,  practical wearables for mass use and the home based wearables.  Apple’s position in the industry?  Considering the I-everything (Ipod, Iphone etc.) craze and DeVaul’s background, we’re in for a long ride of very cool, user friendly wearables.  But remember, this is one section of a growing industry!

Our advice: stay positive, stay informed, keep innovating because the industry was just put on the map in big way.

Via [ComputerWorld]

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Breaking Out like it’s 1985

by on Aug.12, 2009, under DIY Wearables

Well we decided to work with the triacs that came when we ordered the EL Escudo.   After a long time of just not getting it and a trip to Cantina Marina, we were able to get the circuit going on the breadboard with three lights.  So, we’re beyond prototyping with the Sparkfun boards and we’re making a breakout board.  We’ll probably put the accelerometer on the breakout board along with the connections for the inverter, the lights and the microprocessor.  It’s crazy but the only electronic components involved are three triacs and three 1k resistors.

It would be cool to actually print a board for this but since we’re lazy and very busy this week, we’ll just wire it, solder it and call it a day.

We have to give props to Mykle Hansen, the speed vest dude and the Mikey Sklar, the blinky bag guy who is a bit hardcore but helpful.  We’ll be posting our own DIY instructions over the next couple of weeks.


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