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valerie lamontange DIY led dress

Valérie Lamontagne of Electromode has a fabulous DIY LED Dress on sale for $250 Canadian Dollars. The symetrical or asymetrical designs use sensors that respond to changes in light, temperature or acceleration and activate a series of lights on the dress.

The kit includes:

• Dress pattern and graphics printed on 100% cotton
• Lining pattern and circuit guides printed on Polyester Blend
• Conductive zipper
• Programmed lilypad arduino
• 15 LEDs
• Conductive thread
• Batteries and charger included

We think this is a great project for students or rising enthusiasts to have hands-on experience in inetegrating werable technology into clothing.  This will inspire and hopefully motivate those DIY-ers to create other innovative wearable designs.


Via [FashioningTechnology]

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Wearables Hope

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wearable hype or hope

Here’s a great article to leave the wearables tinkerers feeling inspired and hopeful:

Ecouterre’s “Ask A Designer” Series asked Syuzi Pakhchyan of Fashioning Technology  if wearable technology hype or hope?  Pakhchyan ended her hopeful response with a quote from educator and philosopher Marshall McLuhan:

“The book is an extension of the eye…Clothing, an extension of the skin…Electric circuitry, an extension of the central nervous system. Media, by altering the environment, evoke in us unique ratios of sense perceptions. The extension of any one sense alters the way we think and act—the way we perceive the world. When these ratios change, men change.”

Pakhchyan explains how technology alone will not save our planet,  but rather the affect technology has on the psyche of people  will spark the change necessary to make our lives more sustainable.  The use of wearable technology will provide a window into how we as humans affect our world.  The transparency of production in the fashion industry, energy harvesting textiles and environmental pollutant sensing garments are some of the ways Pakhchyan predicts wearables will  directly affect people and subsequently change their minds and behavior.

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Talking about us!

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rev_fashioning technology

Well, we’re no longer tinkering in isolation.  Talk2MyShirt and Fashioning Technology have both featured our Polar Ice Cap shirt on their blogs this week.

Big shout outs to two of our favorite blogs giving us a pretty nice nod.

You like it! You reaaaaaally like it!

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