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Janet Hansen Will Light Up Your Stage

by on May.14, 2010, under Fashionable Wearables, Wearables

MIA in Janet Hansen

Kanye in Janet HansenJanet Hansen is President and Chief Fashion Engineer of Enlighted Designs, Inc., a California based business that creates custom illuminated clothing.  With over 10 years of experience, she founded the business to create her ideal position as a light-up clothing designer and it has taken her further than she ever anticipated. With a growing celebrity clientele that includes Kanye West, MIA, Daft Punks and Katy Perry (just to name a few) Hansen has mastered illuminated clothing for the stage performance. Janet is a one stop shop for light up clothing.  She makes her own controller circuits and seems to have a real pulse on making solid light-oriented wearables. Her company offers everything from ready-to-wear limited edition pieces like hats, ties and bras,  to more Lady Gaga-esque custom orders that fulfill your every visual need.  

Interested in learning how to light up your own pieces? Check out Janet’s Instructables on a LED and EL based designs.

Via [MrLightPainting]

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Katy Perry’s Wearables (CuteCircuit)

by on May.05, 2010, under Fashionable Wearables, Wearables, Wearables News


Biggest red carpet faux pas: wearing  the same outfit as someone else.  Katy Perry, of course, had nothing to worry at last night’s MET Gala.  Infact, the spotlight was on her CuteCircuit couture gown with flowing silk chiffon and over 3000 LEDs creating a rainbow of colours shimmering around her.  

Our vote: the best way to show up the celeb-competition at the Oscars of Fashion.

Read more about CuteCircuit after the jump!

Via [TheSuperficial]

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WiFi Dectecting Bumper Sticker

by on Feb.04, 2010, under DIY Wearables, Wearables

wifi bumper sticker

We all know and love ThinkGeek’s Wifi Detecting Shirt, but modifying it to add to a your car is dork-tastic! Instructables has a relatively easy project to upgrade your car from chic to geek. Not sure how useful it is, but we imagine it can make any traffic bound geek pretty happy.

Via [Instructables]

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EL Subway Series Two Pack

by on Aug.21, 2009, under EL Subway Series, Fashionable Wearables, WW Products

The EL Subway Series Pack takes the classic EL Subway &  EL Street Lamp designs to the next level. Sold as a two pack – one black and one purple-  the user can accent their already awesomely designed shirt with a light that illuminates the subway or street light. Using the included  EL  Light Unit, the user can switch their lit-up look as quickly as you can change a shirt. Welcome friends, to the new bling.

Two AA batteries not included.

Purple Street Light - ON State

Purple EL Street Lamp - ON State

Purple Street Light Shirt - OFF State

Purple EL Street Lamp - OFF State

Black Subway Shirt - ON State

Black EL Subway - ON State

Black Subway Shirt - OFF State

Black EL Subway - OFF State

EL/Battery Unit

EL Light Unit

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Introducing, EL Subway Series

by on Aug.21, 2009, under EL Subway Series, Fashionable Wearables, WW Products

Now approaching DC stores…

These shirts are inspired by our Webelow Wear name and mantra; we’re underground but not underprivileged. As city dwellers and frequenters, the subway is a vital part of life. These designs are truly from the underground and speak to the creativity of a WW design. The user can accent their already awesomely designed shirt with an EL Light that illuminates the subway or street light.

Purple Street Light

Purple EL Street Lamp

Black Subway Shirt

Black EL Subway

El/Battery Unit

El Light Unit

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