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Apple Goes Wearable

by on Mar.18, 2010, under Wearables

That Guy

That Guy.

Yes, Apple has crossed over and is looking far into the future with new Senior Prototype Engineer, Richard DeVaul on the payroll. After an angry fist shaking session, we took a step back and examined the situation. While DeVaul has taken our dream path straight to Jobs (ha…a job with Jobs), us Mom-and-Pop wearable shops needn’t fear the Walmart-ing of our companies and brands. This, ladies and gentlemen, could mean an industry boom for wearables.

Wearables, like every other industry, has it’s layers. There are the couture designers trying to make you Gaga-ed out, the  Ipod wearable helping people-on-the-go move to a beat, the rave-scene wearable, the kitschy wearables products for all wearbles geeks,  the DIY wearable upgrade to entertain the wearbles tinkerers, the biometrics wearables used in military and medicine,  practical wearables for mass use and the home based wearables.  Apple’s position in the industry?  Considering the I-everything (Ipod, Iphone etc.) craze and DeVaul’s background, we’re in for a long ride of very cool, user friendly wearables.  But remember, this is one section of a growing industry!

Our advice: stay positive, stay informed, keep innovating because the industry was just put on the map in big way.

Via [ComputerWorld]

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Big Dog now has Master

by on Oct.26, 2009, under Robotics, Robots Will Kill You

We’re very busy with current and upcoming projects but we still take the time to keep up with our robotics blogs.  Robots.net tipped us off to the latest creation from Boston Dynamics.   The creators of the super scary Big Dog mule bot have done it again with their new PETMAN prototype bipedal robot.

Believe it or not, they’re making this robot to play dress-up.  The plan is to test human wear and tear on life-saving checmical weapons suits. Riiight…

Whatever they use it for, if this robot is anywhere near as cool as Big Dog and Little Dog, we’ll be seeing some classic videos of engineers kicking the crap out of it. The fall avoidance systems on these robots is amazing.

Are those rock climbing shoes? Somebody get this man some Nikes.

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Robots are comin’ to getchya

by on Apr.13, 2009, under Wearables, WTF-ables


Um, there's a robotic snake on your leg.

So we read about this a while ago, but just have to bring it up again because it is so friggin’ scary. We’re trying to think of how something like this can be used in not-so-sketchy ways, but …*shudder*…I don’t know. My skin literally crawls at the prospect of this thing coming out of my toilet or vents. Just not cool. What’s even scarier is that these may be used as a means of Homeland Security. Yeah, that’s right. Big Dog, the swarm of crawly things and now this ingenious creation of Carnegie Melon students are all coming to get you and your little kids too. I mean, don’t me wrong, these things are highly impressive and a demonstration of man’s growing technological capabilities. But seriously, I can think of just as many dangerous examples as I could positive uses for zee robo-snake.  Armagedon-esque future aside,  how does the every day person use this?  What are we doing we this besides scaring the ba-jesus out of an unsuspecting someone?

Well, WW wants to turn the scary into the sexy.  Image a bag strapped on one end that, when activated, wraps itself around your arm or your neck or your chair… you get the picture.

The cool and ahhh factors weigh in the heaviest in our decision to take on this project.  I initially didn’t even feel the idea of a creepy crawly snake wrapping around me and honestly, we’re still struggling to find practical uses for this.  I was convinced that it didn’t have to look like a deadly beast but could be sheathed in plastic and foam to make it more approachable.

So, we ironed out a few basics and we’re going to work with our robotics brethren to make a cool prototype and keep you posted on the details.  If anyone wants to beat us to this, have the decency to hit us up don’t re-invent the inventive wheel.


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