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Crafty Bastards!!

by on Jul.06, 2009, under DIY Wearables, Functional Wearables, Wearables

crafty-bastardsWell, we did it! We submitted our application for this year’s Crafty Bastards Arts and Craft’s Fair! We are exceptionally excited, and hope to see other wearables crafters out and about.  After speaking to two of the Directors of the fair, Kimberly Dorn and Sara Dick, we did not get the impression they were very familiar about wearables let alone expected other submissions. Great news for us, but we’re hoping there will be an active interest in our products and the industry.

So what are we bringing?  Inspired by Alison Lewis we’re bringing our own variation to the Light Up Purse.  The instructions are outlined in her book Switch Craft and is a great project for the intermediate crafter.  We’ve also resurrected our Street Lamp Shirt using two forms of wearable technology: Thermochromic Inks, and El Panels.  While our intention is to bring out our latest Thermochromic Ink designs inspired by global warming, the Thermochromic Street Lamp demonstrates just how cool this medium is. The EL Street Lamp is one of our first wearables project that’s seen many iterations and is still a very cool shirt. And because we are Webelow Wear and want you out there to pick up a needle, conductive thread and continuity checker, we’re holding a brief workshop on soft circuits where participants will create their own soft circuit patch using conductive threads, led’s, resistors and a battery.

We’re still only applicants and won’t know if we’re vendors until July 20th, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed and hope to see you and all your wearables crafts on October 3, 2009!

More information on all projects coming soon!


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Cell Phone Dress? Really?

by on Jun.24, 2009, under WTF-ables

cellphone-dress1So, not necessarily wackable, just not smartable. Don’t get me wrong this is amazing technology, awesome design, and it could be a big hit. Buuuuuut, do I really have to wear this dress to every club I go to? Not very realistic. What is? A purse that lights up with every incoming call. Yes! That is clever! And, Alison Lewis, creator of IheartSwitch.com, has instructions in her SwitchCraft book on how to create such an extraordinary, yet simple wearable.

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Wedding Whackables

by on May.16, 2009, under WTF-ables


Yes! Everyone’s into wearables! Wait…ok…really? She has led lights in her wedding dress? I’m guessing the switch was somewhere on her right side under the dress and the happier-than-life hubby flipped it on for the climax side bend move. OoooooOOo

I’ll admit, this is quite original but as a recently engaged bride-zilla I am not sure how fashion forward I or most people would be on a day  chock with tradition and the potential for creating a moment that in twenty years will cause your stomach to curl.

But hey, just one woman’s opinion. Who knows, in five or ten years you may be terribly out dated if your wedding dress train isn’t kept in the perfectly flat shape by nitinol wires, or if your wedding party doesn’t have wearable devices that takes pictures whenever their heart rate is elevated.

Until we’re there, I say keep in touch with the likes of Alison Lewis and her light up purse. Simple, useful and fashionably acceptable.

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