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Polar Ice Cap Shirt

Webelow Wear Polar Ice Cap Shirt

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ice cap premiere

Webelow Wear is using high tech thermochromic designs to encourage the conversation about environmental awareness through our Green Wearable line.

The debut piece is the Polar Ice Cap shirt which demonstrates the drastic melting of the North Polar Ice Caps from 1980 to 2009.  Using a water-based thermochromic ink and American Apparel Sustainable Edition organic shirts, the image of the 1980 ice caps will “melt” away as your surrounding temperature rises to 96.8 Fahrenheit.  Revealed is the image of the remaining ice caps in 2009. These ice caps have been in place for 3 million years and in a 20-30 year span have cracked, divided and melted at alarming rates. These changes may lead to a dramatic shift in average global temperatures as the ice caps thin and sunlight directly passes through it to warm the ocean.

The time is now and the choice is ours. WW will contribute to the growing awareness and donate a portion of each sale to The Climate Project, a non-profit whose mission is to educate the public and to raise awareness of the climate crisis at a grassroots level worldwide.

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Introducing, Webelow Wear Green Wearables Lines

by on Oct.12, 2009, under Polar Ice Cap Shirt, Wearables, WW Products

Webelow Wear has been innovating in the wearable technology industry for the last two years with a long line of electroluminescent, thermochromic and screenprinted fashions that help users express themselves through unique clothing and exciting technology.

While wearable tech is an exciting industry, we cannot forget that we are amidst a crisis in our environment and we need to both be considerate of our energy consumption and focus our bright minds towards using our new forms of expression to educate others and provide solutions.  As people shaping the future we are responsible to, at the very least, consider the ways our technology will effect our world.

We’re no angels.  We all choose to make or not make lifestyle decisions that could make a difference one way or another.  We’re not environmental extremists or doomsday pessimists, we’re actually almost normal people, which makes us perfect vehicles to inspire change in others like us.

With that being said, we’re in R&D working on more sustainable wearable paths.  In the near future, we’ll be offering unique recycled fashions with wearable upgrades and solar designs that will help you get rid of the grid.

Our first Green Wearables offering will be a thermochromic ink series using a new eco-friendly ink and American Apparel Sustainable Edition organic shirts  to express some of the results of climate change.  The Green Wearables line’s only technology is the clever use of thermochromic ink.  We’ll explore polar ice cap melting, population redistribution, CO2 levels , rising global temperatures, and making a difference.

Check back frequently for more information, relevant climate change news and fascincating product offerings.

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