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Ipad Shirt is Wackable-ish

by on Jul.23, 2010, under WTF-ables

Syte shirt



Even the model looks like he’s thinking “Wow, this is ridiculously lame”.

Ok. A shirt that can carry your I-Pad is just wack man. I guess its cool that the screen is transparent so you can show off images, easily connect your headphones all the while being hands free, buuuuuut it reminds us of this wackable innovation and we’re just getting over the lameness.

Granted, Stye Shirt did propose some venues where one could sport this douche-attire and not look so…douchey. FYI if your activity is not on this list and you’re wearing this shirt shame on you.  SHAME!

• Play movies or interactive games to entertain your kids while keeping your hands free
• Show off your photos with a group of friends
• Broadcast a football game while enjoying a tailgate party
• Promote your artwork, music, and other multimedia anywhere
• Advertise your business by playing promotional content while speaking to customers
• Tech-savvy educators can grab students’ attention by creating interactive lessons
• Trade show vendors can run product demos while working in the booth
• Businesses can hire people to be mobile info booths to display interactive info and maps

Via [Tuvi]

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iPad Fashion Accessories

by on Apr.29, 2010, under WTF-ables

Check out this funny parody video about iPad fashion accessories.  I honestly don’t think we’ll see wearables that integrate the iPad into your clothing but maybe people will start writing iPad apps that interact with wearable fashions.

via [wired.com]
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Jurk Dress

by on Jan.08, 2010, under Fashionable Wearables, Wearables, WTF-ables

eefiene rev dress

Convertible outfits are the wave of the future but this design is – how do we say?  Interesting.  Created by EEfiene the design uses a set of custom holes and pins one can “quickly” shift the silhouette of the gown.  Again, A for effort, but with transformative designs like that of Hussein Chalyan and Hayley Starr’s Fancy One Dress this just comes across as hobo-esque with no real consideration for fashionable design. Granted a dress that disappears into your hat isn’t very realistic in the “real” world -  but at least it looks cool.

Via [Fashioning Technology]

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Cell Phone Dress? Really?

by on Jun.24, 2009, under WTF-ables

cellphone-dress1So, not necessarily wackable, just not smartable. Don’t get me wrong this is amazing technology, awesome design, and it could be a big hit. Buuuuuut, do I really have to wear this dress to every club I go to? Not very realistic. What is? A purse that lights up with every incoming call. Yes! That is clever! And, Alison Lewis, creator of IheartSwitch.com, has instructions in her SwitchCraft book on how to create such an extraordinary, yet simple wearable.

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Wedding Whackables

by on May.16, 2009, under WTF-ables


Yes! Everyone’s into wearables! Wait…ok…really? She has led lights in her wedding dress? I’m guessing the switch was somewhere on her right side under the dress and the happier-than-life hubby flipped it on for the climax side bend move. OoooooOOo

I’ll admit, this is quite original but as a recently engaged bride-zilla I am not sure how fashion forward I or most people would be on a day  chock with tradition and the potential for creating a moment that in twenty years will cause your stomach to curl.

But hey, just one woman’s opinion. Who knows, in five or ten years you may be terribly out dated if your wedding dress train isn’t kept in the perfectly flat shape by nitinol wires, or if your wedding party doesn’t have wearable devices that takes pictures whenever their heart rate is elevated.

Until we’re there, I say keep in touch with the likes of Alison Lewis and her light up purse. Simple, useful and fashionably acceptable.

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Robots are comin’ to getchya

by on Apr.13, 2009, under Wearables, WTF-ables


Um, there's a robotic snake on your leg.

So we read about this a while ago, but just have to bring it up again because it is so friggin’ scary. We’re trying to think of how something like this can be used in not-so-sketchy ways, but …*shudder*…I don’t know. My skin literally crawls at the prospect of this thing coming out of my toilet or vents. Just not cool. What’s even scarier is that these may be used as a means of Homeland Security. Yeah, that’s right. Big Dog, the swarm of crawly things and now this ingenious creation of Carnegie Melon students are all coming to get you and your little kids too. I mean, don’t me wrong, these things are highly impressive and a demonstration of man’s growing technological capabilities. But seriously, I can think of just as many dangerous examples as I could positive uses for zee robo-snake.  Armagedon-esque future aside,  how does the every day person use this?  What are we doing we this besides scaring the ba-jesus out of an unsuspecting someone?

Well, WW wants to turn the scary into the sexy.  Image a bag strapped on one end that, when activated, wraps itself around your arm or your neck or your chair… you get the picture.

The cool and ahhh factors weigh in the heaviest in our decision to take on this project.  I initially didn’t even feel the idea of a creepy crawly snake wrapping around me and honestly, we’re still struggling to find practical uses for this.  I was convinced that it didn’t have to look like a deadly beast but could be sheathed in plastic and foam to make it more approachable.

So, we ironed out a few basics and we’re going to work with our robotics brethren to make a cool prototype and keep you posted on the details.  If anyone wants to beat us to this, have the decency to hit us up don’t re-invent the inventive wheel.


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Introducing WTF-ables

by on Mar.25, 2009, under Wearables, WTF-ables

The age of wearables is upon us and growing stronger with the designers and researchers coming out of the woodworks. This is great, as any new era needs those quick and innovative creators for the industry to truly stand the test of time. However, what we’re facing now is everyone trying jump on a wagon that is not necessarily the best ride to success. The problem: user-unfriendly products.


Stick out your tongue to start/stop your music. Yeah...seriously.

Take for example Kazuhiro Taniguchi. He is using a biocommand system that allows movements from the temple to dictate actions of the wearable. This allows the user to use a wearable technology with no interface and with a hands free application. Great. But seriously, do you want to stick out your tongue every time you want to stop or start your music like his new Ipod System controlled by facial expressions? This is just silly. First of all, it is not intuitive. That is, no other technology, specifically mp3 players, calls for such an action. I’m all for the advancement of technology and therefore the simplification of said technology. But I am wholeheartedly opposed to incorporating actions that in no way go with the grain of the product. I want to push a button to press play. If that is too archaic, use movements that make sense. I want to stop my music so implement a removal touch pad system that I can tap to turn off.  Taking it a step further, I can fast forward or rewind depending on which ear plug wire I pull. This makes sense!


The time you say? Let me check my virtual watch...

Still confused? Take a lesson from a recent TED Talk with Pattie Maes’ lab at MIT. They have created a wearable with a projection system that allows for such easy use that it redefines humans and computers as we know it. As one of the many amazing applications, you can, while wearing a sort of camera necklace and sensors on your finger tips, look at your wrist as though you had a watch, draw a circle and the projection system displays a clock with the current time.

Wow,  your thumb and pinky really are a phone!

Wow, your thumb and pinky really are a phone!

Even cooler, pull out your virtual key pad on the palm of your hand, and let your friends know that you’re running a little late.  Seriously. This is cool!

The world of wearables is an awesome world with infinite possibilities, but designers please, oh please, consider your customer. We’re not all tech geeks. We don’t all get off on the smallest redesign of a computer, especially if it means having to walk backwards while tapping our head and rubbing our stomachs. Keep it simple.

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