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Diana Eng’s LED Eyelashes

by on Mar.25, 2013, under Fashionable Wearables, Wearable Makeup, Wearables

 Jeri Ellsworth in Diana Eng LED Eyelashes

Jeri Ellsworth in Diana Eng's LED Lashes

The world of Wearable Makeup has added some competition for Soomi Park’s show stopping LED Eyelashes. We were very impressed with Park’s fashionable wearable lashes, but we are excited to see the latest improvements to the idea.

Diana Eng, of Bravo’s Project Runway Season 2 fame, continues to innovate the fashion world with wearable projects, and has added LED Lashes to her long list of accomplishments.  Eng created these upgraded lashes for Jeri Ellsworth, winner of the 2012 Makey Hero Award, at the 2nd Annual Makey Awards at World Maker Faire.

Coin-cell battery pinned behind Jeri's ear

Coin-cell battery pinned behind Jeri's ear

Eng’s lashes are a bit more dramatic with the use of feather lashes, and there’s no inclination sensor like Park’s lashes.  We found most notable, however, the consideration to decreasing the footprint of the project. Powered by a coin-cell battery, the wires between the LEDs and battery are much more subtle than Park’s project. Additionally, the idea of pinning the battery (wired to the LEDs)  behind the Jeri’s ear with wig tape and masking the pinned battery with Jeri’s hair is creative and clever.

We wonder if the next iteration of LED Lashes will be a wireless pair?

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Soomi Park’s LED Lashes

by on Oct.23, 2009, under Fashionable Wearables, Wearable Makeup, Wearables

Soomi Park LED Eyelashes

Soomi Park LED Eyelashes

Soomi Park, a multimedia artist and designer based in the  United Kingdom and Korea, created these lashes as a solution to the age old problem of women with small eyes. As a way to make eyes pop, Park powers the LED Lashes with a coin cell battery and with an inclination sensor, has the lights turn on or off based on the users head movements.

Not exactly J. Lo’s mink and fox eyelashes, but these are show stoppers.  We can see everyone from Lady Gaga to Kayne’s back-up dancer sporting these LED Lashes.

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